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Vie's - now known as the Li'l Market (on Hwy. 65, just before McGrath) hosts all season long Farmers' Market sales, handmade, unique Local Crafts and a Community Thrift Shop 

DIY workshops will be offered all summer long, in addition to the outdoor market and bazaar, featuring a variety of unique country crafts, fun and funky arts and crafts and artistically up-cycled items!

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  Support keeping a long-time senior citizen, resident and icon of McGrath from losing her home as her
 bar/restaurant business dwindles due to her poor health:

Frequent the Artisan/Farmers' Market and Bazaar this summer

Read  "The Free Story", forwarding that link to all of your friends, who will hopefully be inspired to send it to all of their friends, etc. If enough interested readers purchase  "The Rest of the Story" for $1.25 - a great deal in today's economy and a true, delightfully horrid and entertaining story!

An outdoor haybale garden, an extended-season garden, DIY workshops and activities and a great selection of country crafts, fun and funky crafts and up-cycled items and clothing will give you reason to come again and again!

Our plans include a local grocery store with plans to expand into a market promoting naturally raised, chemical-free meats, dairy, poultry & vegetables to residents and visitors, alike - in addition to a much-needed local grocery store in this food desert area.


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