The link at the bottom of this page will take you to the free story on the website. It is based on an absolutely true story and was written for the following reasons:

(1) I strive to earn enough money by giving you an amusing and free story - and then selling the rest of the story for $1.25 to everyone and anyone who enjoys being entertained by words - Words  that will help me earn enough capital to start and stock a grocery store and farmers' market in this rural food desert that we live in.

A store that will be reminiscent of days gone by - a step back into another era, a relaxed, charming and timeless environment that will provide an old-time atmosphere and welcome, in addition to offering competitively-priced goods, local and wholesome foods, produce and well-made merchandise. A place to sit and chat for a spell.

A store that will keep a friend, senior citizen and icon of McGrath  from selling her business on the market and losing her home at the same time - because they are one and the same. As long as I lease-to-own, she will remain in her home as long as she is able (the other half of the building.)

(2) To provide further income opportunities for local farmers, growers and gatherers with a place to sell their goods (and buy) their goods locally - with plans to expand the market to nearby metropolitan areas: Promoting healthy naturally-raised, chemical-free produce, meat and dairy with no hormones or GMO's, encouraging people to know their farmers and know what they are eating, while promoting tourism to this rural area.

(3) To re-live and re-tell one of the funniest (though horrific) stories that make up a true part of my life experiences, thereby:

      (a) Exposing the horrid behavior and attitude of a pompous and 'holier-than-thou'                 hypocrite for what he is, without naming names and opening myself up to a lawsuit

      (b) Giving food for thought to those who may very well believe that they are somehow          closer to the Creator (and therefore undeniably better) than the average, decent              human being.

The prelude to the story is titled 'The Quest'. It is a short story that gives a little background into the characters involved and then rolls into the 'Pompous Prophet'. Enjoy! 

     Let me begin by explaining that I am not anti-Christian. I believe in miracles. I believe in a Supreme Creative Life Force (by whatever your culture or religion names Him/Her as) and I believe that we are spiritual beings living in a temporary physical existence.

     As for all of you atheists out there, this is not the time to turn away from a good story. There is no religion pushed here. If nothing else, you will get a good laugh at an extremely pompous, self-proclaimed prophet, which is reason enough to read this entertaining story.




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