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 Eller Family Farm                                    

- The basis of health is the soil

The Eller Farm is located 1 mile south of the city of Onamia, 3 miles south of Mille Lacs Lake. We produce fresh, nutritious food  within a diversified, sustainable,small farm. We follow the National Organic Program Standards, but are not yet USDA certified  organic. To get to know us better, please enjoy our newsletter

                Grass-fed Beef, Pastured Pork, Free-range Chickens and Eggs,

                        Premium Chevon and Nanny  Goat Shares

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Spruce Hill Gardens -Located at 101 Spruce Street, McGrath, MN 56350  

Phone: 320-630-5878               

Pure  and natural maple syrup & farm fresh produce  throughout the growing season - grown naturally and chemically-free.  Woven Rugs of exceptional quality & beauty,  made from recycled materials  (yours or someone else's) in addition to stunning,  one-of-a-kind quilts and handbags.  

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  Valhalla  Farm / Lil Market -  A family farm,  with all produce and animals raised naturally, respectfully and chemically-free

Located at the west end  of McGrath in Williams Township

   627 Elm Street, McGrath,    MN. 56350 Phone: 218-380-8405           

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We don't sell what we don't love! 

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                    Now selling farm fresh x-large and jumbo brown eggs at the Farm

Artisan/Farmers market sales on weekends - Alternating between Isle Farmers' Market, and Garrison Thrift (and so much more!) sales