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* Kinship,serving Aitkin, Hill City, McGregor and McGrath                                                  

Kimberly Clement, Executive Director,,

800-397-4818, 218-927- 4039  ------------------------------------------------------------------

MACO (a 317A) is a recognized  non-profit organization which  serves the McGrath and surrounding area  townships with community activities, projects &   support  - endeavoring to become a valuable  resource for the people in and near our  under-served and under-serviced area.                                                     

Address: MACO, PO Box 144, McGrath, MN.                                                               Deb Nass,  MACO Secretary, 320-592-3432


Meetings:  2nd Tuesday of every month, 1:00 pm ---  Vie's Place, McGrath  (Hwy 65)


The mission of the McGrath Historical Committee   shall be   the collection, preservation and  dissemination of  knowledge  about the history of  the McGrath area........This includes McGrath, Williams, Wagner, Seavey, Pliny, Idun, White Pine and two unorganized  sections.   *P.O. Box 216, McGrath, MN, 56350   *Phone(s): 800-592-4353  *         Email questions, comments to   ---------------------------------------

 McGrath Youth Community Garden ... ...>Pictures<...  Our first growing season was considered quite successful.  All veggies went to the benefit of families who worked the garden, in addition to area elderly and low-income people in the area.  Excess veggies, jellies, pickles and salsa were also sold at the Farmer's Markets in Isle (Saturdays till noon)  with proceeds of those sales donated toward next year's garden needs.  

The last two years have shown few hard working adult volunteers and very little youth participation. Therefore, this 2012 Spring, we plan to have a small hay-bale garden available to the Farmers' Market youth and eligible low-income and elderly residents. 


Onamia Civic Organization   -If you'd like to keep up with Onamia happenings, link to this page  >    We'll keep you posted on upcoming Onamia events!   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

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