Clay-on-Glass Sculptures

One of a Kind, Hand sculpted 


2 oz.Clay-on-Glass vessels

          Dancing Daisies-n-Stars

Green Dragon 

              Sunshine Bottle

              Viking Woodsman


The Sun Shines On 

Flying Free 

             Meditating Beauty

Moon Glow 


Day of the Dead Skull n Roses

Free To Be 

Skull n Roses

              Baby Dragon


              Sweet -n- Sassy                          Wrap-Around  Beauty

               Sweet -n- Wild                          Wrap-Around  Beauty


       4 Turtles Swimming 

    Autumn "Greenman" Vessel

     Swimming Turtle Vessel

             Mystical Dragon


Horned Green Man

            Violet Dragon

       Skull n Roses on blue

           Feminine Tree Spirit                     Mother Nature vessel


 Green Dragon/Obsidian Sword

Red-n-Gold Dragon/Yin Yang

Silver Blue Dragon/Heart

Purple-n-Gold Dragon/Sword


  2 oz. 'Shroom' vessels/bottles 

Summer Dreams Faerie Home

Floral Dreams Shroom

Trippy Shroom Bottle

   Cosmic Swirls Faerie Home


7 oz  Clay-on-Glass Jars

   7 oz  GreenMan / Tree Spirit

It's All About Attitude

Old Wise One

Blazing Dragon


9 oz.  Clay-on-Glass Vessels

Peace Swirls 

       GreenMan/Tree Spirit 

     Friendly Gargoyle Jar



Assorted Clay-on-Glass Vessels/Bottles

Wild GreenMan/Tree Spirit Rounded Bottle

     GreenMan / Tree Spirit                       Flower Vase

    .... More coming!